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What is nan-o-tech-nol-o-gy?

It is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. (particles that fill every nook and cranny to create a smooth finish.)

How it Protects:

The Comprehensive protection that VSP Products deliver, is simply in the revolutionary technology it is created from. This Nanotechnology acts to produce a significant shield for you interior and exterior surfaces from the inevitable impacts from enviromental or human elements. It is invisible to the naked ey and will maintain your Boat's Interior/Exterior for many years.

Why You Need It?

Fully Insured 5 - Yr. Warranty If Damage Occurs

Including Repainting and Gel Coat Repair

Replacement/Repair of Interior Surfaces

Coverage for Rips, Tears, Punctures and Burns

Increased Resale Value - Shield your New Boat from Both Human and Natural Events.

It's Not a Question of IF, It is a Question of When Accidents & Damage Will Occur. You Will Be Glade You Invested in this Coverage.


You're proud of it, now protect it!

Vantage Protection Film is virtually invisible and extremely durable. Developed by 3M in the 1960's, Scotchgard Protection Film was originally developed to eliminate abrasion on military helicopter blades and F-14 nosecones to protect aircraft from flying debris and sand abrasion. Over the last 20 plus years, the automotive industry has used protection film to protect vulnerable areas. There is a reason that respected manufactures such as Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota, GM, BMW and more use protection film... it works!

What is it

A Durable, high-grade, colorless urethane film applied to high impact, high traffic areas.

Why do you need it?

Keep your boat free of scratches caused by:


Wakeboards, Skis, Kneeboards


Coolers, Sand on shoes

Tie Down Strap Areas

Abrasion from straps

Cleat Areas

Abrasion from bumper ropes and tie straps


What is The Vantage Pontoon Guard

The Vantage Pontoon Guard (Patent Pending) is a HEAVY DUTY Extruded PVC material that will produce long lasting protection from inevitable dock/bumper rash, trailer guides, and boat lift rails that make your pontoon tubes look old and damaged. The Vantage Pontoon Guard is UV protected for durability and long life. We use only high quality 3M Pressure Sensitive Acrylic foam tape which is strategically placed for the best adhesion in marine environments. Whether your pontoon is new or used, the Vantage Pontoon Guard will protect your investment for years to come.

Why Every Pontoon Needs It?

The outer edge of any pontoon by design is vulnerable to damage. The Pontoon Guard will protect your tubes from the most common damage.

The Pontoon Guard will keep your pontoons looking new.

If your tubes are already damaged, the Pontoon Guard will cover up existing scratches and protect them from future damage.

Unique custom look

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